Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Return to Tarot

It has been around five months since I have even touched my tarot cards. I think back to one of the daily draws I posted, in which I drew the reversed Strength card and talked about my continuous lack of self-discipline. In hindsight, perhaps the cards were warning me that my old habits would return to keep my disconnected from my more spiritual (and happier) nature.

Sure enough, life became super stressful after that. Political changes occurred in my country which have left me sapped of energy and more anxious than ever before. Health problems have plagued me, both mental and physical in nature, and my poor boyfriend has had to deal with me in some of my worst moments. However, returning home to spend some time with my mother has also been a return to tarot. I had been feeling the call for the past few weeks, and when I saw my deck for the first time in months, I jumped on the opportunity to organize it, spend time with it, and just be in meditation with it. I spent nearly ten whole seconds with the cards before I realized I wanted to delve back into my studies.

I took out my notebook that I had started taking extensive notes in, and I smiled as I read over all the notes I had already taken. I had noted meanings for each of the Major Arcana, both upright and reversed positions. I had recreated a basic Kabbalah, and then taken the time on a few more pages to see if I could draw and label it without looking at the reference. I had taken pretty glorious notes on readings I had done, both for myself and for a couple of my friends. And as I looked at these notes, I realized how truly happy and excited I am when I get to spend some time solely listening to my intuition and experiencing my emotions through academic lenses. 

When I began this journey, the cards almost seemed to promise to me that I would find success in my endeavor to learn more about the Tarot. I believe that I was already starting to feel positive effects from my readings. So now, here I am, ready to get back into the habit of reading and studying. Hopefully, I can stick with it this time, and if the cards attempt to warn me of my fleeting attention span, I will catch on before taking another five-month break!

With that out of the way, here is where I will make promises about content that may not come to fruition, but I sincerely hope that I can do these things:

Daily Draw - I plan on picking this up again. The daily draws I did were always so insightful and exciting. Also, I am happy with how they allowed me to better understand the deck and the cards within it. This is such a simple exercise and a great way to actually get practice doing readings.

Weekly Three-Card Spreads - I feel like simply drawing one card every day isn't nearly enough to learn how to give accurate readings. From what I know of Tarot, the meanings are changed in so many ways as cards have different positions and are paired with other cards. Multiple-card spreads tend to give me anxiety, but I feel that the only way I can truly learn to get past this anxiety is to force myself out of my comfort zone.

Notes on the Cards - This is a completely new addition to the blog. My goal is that each day, I can spend a few hours learning each card, one by one, and building my own sort of encyclopedia of knowledge. I will go in the order of most organized decks, starting with The Fool, following his journey, and then going through each of the suits. I will have one post per card, which will basically be a summary of my notes taken throughout the day. Expect my first post on The Fool later tonight!

I am excited to see where this journey takes me next!

Thanks for sticking around.
- Erebella

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