Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Daily Draw: The Star (Reversed)

As I shuffled my deck, I must admit that my mind wasn't quite as focused. I kept thinking about a recent encounter I had had in one of the Facebook groups I belong to, in which an older man was determined to put down anyone who learned the Tarot through means other than books. I had informed the man that the Internet was becoming a much better source of information, and that his comments were likely to drive away potential Tarot readers who cannot afford to invest in tons of books, but the entire exchange set off a long argument, in which he ignored me and continued to devalue me and others as true practitioners of Tarot. I am new to this, but I have also invested many days into the study of Tarot, and I don't appreciate someone telling me that my knowledge is worthless.

That was the prevailing thought I had as I shuffled my deck, asking what I needed to take away from today.

As I flipped the card over, I found the Star, reversed. I know the Star as a symbol of guidance and the word I always associate with it is "homecoming", so my first thought was that perhaps I have some negative energy preventing me from being guided. I went to my guidebook and found that the reversal of the Star can also mean that I need to let go of negative thoughts and focus on growth and change. The reversal of the Star can warn of damage caused by grudges. Finally, the reversal can mean that I have grown bored with something in my life, or I have lost faith in it. These revelations spoke to me on a few different levels.

Firstly, I had spent a large part of the day debating with myself over whether or not to leave a group I am a part of. We meet up weekly to play Dungeons & Dragons, but recently each session has been exhausting and the people in the group have been giving me really negative energies. In one sense, I felt the Star telling me that it would be okay to leave the group, and that I need to let go of that particular source of negativity and use the time to do something different.

I also related the meaning back to the heated debate I had gotten into with the older, male Tarot reader. The Star was a gentle reminder not to let myself be affected by outside negative forces. It was also a reminder to spend more time listening and less time getting into Facebook arguments!

Ultimately, though, I feel that there are greater things for me to explore about my situation. I pulled Death yesterday and the Star today: two Major Arcana in a row, both in the reversed position. Perhaps the message the cards are trying to send requires more than a Daily Draw to really understand. Later, I plan on giving myself a large spread to interpret to see where I am at and where I need to be heading. I seem to have a lot of problems with my energy being blocked, and hopefully doing an in-depth spread will enlighten me as to what I need to be working on!

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