Friday, October 21, 2016

Daily Reading: King of Pentacles (Cue: Eerie Music)

I got the King of Pentacles. Again. This is super weird. I've done a total of five daily draws including today, and of those five, I drew the King of Pentacles TWICE.

I have a few different thoughts on what this could mean:

  1. The first time I got this, I pulled from it general advice to find a mentor or a community that could support and guide me along the way. Receiving this card again could be hammering that message in, implying that I'm on the right track, or implying that I need to search harder.
  2. I may have received this card again because the first time I read it, I was completely off. I'm not sure how that could have been the case, because I still do not believe that I am the King of Pentacles, but I do wonder if I just missed something entirely.

I have asked the good people of a Tarot Facebook group that I am a part of in hopes that their experience will yield insights that I may have overlooked.

One suggested that I look at the "shadow card", which I learned is the last card of a shuffled deck. Luckily, I had yet to organize my deck from that spread, so I pulled The Hermit. This card resonates far more with me than the King of Pentacles. It speaks of solitude and study; curling up under a blanket and studying tarot for hours on end without interruption. The Hermit is certainly where I am presently. But paired with the King of Pentacles? I didn't seem to clarify much. Unless I was wrong all along, and the King of Pentacles is a representation of what awaits me for the energy I am putting into Tarot! However, I believe that to be too idealistic of a read, and I do not want to allow my personal biases to get in the way of an accurate read.

Another person suggested that the King of Pentacles in encouraging me to delve deeper, and to consider taking a course or investing more into learning the Tarot. This suggestion potentially makes the most sense in conjunction with The Hermit and also considering I am trying to get my hands on Holistic Tarot be Benebell Wen. However, it does make me nervous to think that the cards are tempting me to spend more money. Not that I've spent very much at all, but I definitely don't want to pour money into a hobby that's hardly marketable.

Finally, someone suggested that the King of Pentacles could refer to an ancestral history of readers. This idea intrigues me, as I've always felt a natural pull towards these things, and even from a young age grasped a lot of concepts I knew nothing about. (Such as the theory of reduction in numerology.) However, I don't know that my ancestors practiced, and even if I knew for sure that they did, why would my deck be pointing to that fact so urgently?

It's certainly perplexing. I'm hoping that further study on the King of Pentacles will offer me some sort of revelation.

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