Saturday, October 15, 2016

Daily Reading: Page of Pentacles

Dreams of tarot had haunted me all night. I had studied vigorously the previous day, making tons of notes about the Tree of Life and how it connected to the deck, and I guess all of that studied buried itself in my subconscious. I had dreamt of giving readings, and I woke up with a start, as if something were about to happen.

I checked on the status of my package containing my first ever Tarot deck, and to my great surprise, it had been delivered already, despite it being three days too early.

I ran outside and sure enough, a package with my name on it lay in wait. I took it to my bedroom and opened it with great care, and finally, I had the cards in my hands. They were every bit as beautiful and as lovely as I had hoped. I consecrated my deck with a small, whispered prayer, and then I began. I searched for a few different techniques for daily draws, and decided on a very simple single-card spread. This was, it felt, the best thing to do for a beginner and also a great way to learn every single card and become intimate with my deck.

As I shuffled, I wondered about the accuracy of the draw. I watched as some of the stiff cards stuck to each other and refused to be shuffled, and I began to get nervous more than anything else. What if the deck offered me something totally different, that can't possibly feel true? What if I had spent my time and money on something which would ultimately be a novelty I bring out during Halloween or at parties?

I breathed significantly as I cut the deck and flipped over the card on top. To my odd delight, it was the page of pentacles. 

This was at first significant only because I had been drawn to that card while watching someone else go through the entire deck on YouTube. She had commented on how she didn't understand the sexuality of the art, but for some reason, the card immediately spoke to me. So when I pulled it this morning, my first-ever Tarot reading, I smiled.

Then began the actual task of deciphering its message. I cracked open The Linestrider's Journey, the accompanying book for the deck which is beautiful and informative. 

There, on page 262:

Keywords: new beginnings, prosperity, good luck, study, investment, desire, the beginning stage of long-term success

I'm not going to lie; at first, the correlation was completely lost on me. I focused in on "desire" and immediately attributed it to my boyfriend. However, approximately two seconds later, my mouth dropped slightly as I regarded all the keywords and realized that not only were they accurate, but they were scarily accurate.

Is this endeavor, one that I have already invested time and money into, not a new beginning? Was it not a strange and unusual stroke of good luck which brought me my Tarot deck three days earlier than expected? Was not my desire being fulfilled?

At this point, I was more than a bit shaken. What were the chances that the first card I pulled of 78 would be one that spoke to me receiving my deck and beginning a spiritual journey? I mean, I am aware of an intrinsic bias which will allow me to find meaning in nearly any card I draw, but this went beyond bias. This was fate.

Finally, after my initial shock, I breathed a sigh of relief because if the page of pentacles has anything to say about my foray into Tarot, it's that it will be a good and prosperous journey!

- Erebella

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