Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Daily Reading: Strength (Reversed)

Today is my one-year anniversary with my boyfriend, so when I sat down to do my daily draw, I expected something about that to come up. However, the cards know me better and they know that what I need to hear is not about how great my relationship is. I asked "show me what I need to know about myself; how I can travel further along on the path to spirituality", and the cards delivered to that purpose and nothing else.

I flipped over Strength, in the reversed position.

My initial reaction was confusion; I felt stronger than I had in a while! My Tarot skills felt like they were natural, yet improving quickly from my studies. My relationship, which was a major source of stress for a few months, was already getting better with the aid of my own readings. My most cherished friendship, which was quickly dissipating, suddenly felt reinvigorated. I had confidence in my skills as a Tarot reader, and my self-doubt in all aspects of my life has begun to fade.

So I decided to dig a bit deeper, and then a few other aspects noted by other Tarot readers caught my eye. They mentioned that the reversed position can mean a lack of self-discipline, and the habit of letting emotions rule your decisions and your life. Both of these things ring true for me.

Especially since I hadn't done a daily reading for the past couple of days.

Especially because I had promised the cards that I would begin practicing meditation, and subsequently downloaded an app and totally forgot about it.

And mostly because my most aggravating habit is, as it always has been, reacting with emotions first and logic second.

Insert a long sigh here because these cards have proven, once again, to know much more about myself and the world than I could ever hope.

So I have two goals after this reading. The first is to pause for a moment of meditation and find inner peace every time I feel that my emotions have too much power in any given situation. I'm not completely sure how well I will be able to manage this, but it is something I have to work on if I am to be successful in any endeavor. The second goal is to be more structured in my daily routine, and to make good habits and eliminate bad ones. I want to be consistent in my blogging both here on The Salem Tarot, as well as on my book blog via Books Amino. (Totally unrelated, although I hope to incorporate some Tarot there soon!) I want to meditate daily and start trying to get in some exercise every day as well. These are all goals that I've tried instating in my life before, but failed miserably. However, I believe that with my Tarot cards holding me accountable, it may be a little easier.

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