Monday, October 17, 2016

Daily Reading: The Star + First Celtic Cross Spread

My Tarot journey continues to be one of incredible accuracy and peaceful self-reflection.

When I did my daily draw today, I was happy to see that I had pulled The Star; a universal symbol for hope and peace, especially after a period of trying times. After my last few reads, I took this to mean that my work with the Tarot is already beginning to create good results for me. I remember on a daily basis to find moments of meditation and to expel negative energy, and in return, I feel it has brought me closer to myself and to my boyfriend.

I have begun trying to assign a daily goal to my draws, and today's goal was to have a proper meditation session. I will probably save that for a bit later, after I get out of the shower.

One thing that I have been thinking about The Star that was not mentioned in my resources is that to me, it seems to represent "homecoming" or finding your way back to a place of warmth and love. Much like the Northern Star served as a guide for the old sailors, The Star in my Tarot deck feels like a guiding hand back to safety. When I get around to starting a trove of descriptors for each o my cards, that may very well be the first one I add that comes completely from my own intuition as opposed to outside sources.


In other news, I attempted my first Celtic Cross spread today. I did it for a friend who came to me, worried about his social life. I was extremely nervous, partially because I know the Celtic Cross spread is difficult to interpret and partially because this was the first reading I would give to another person. And on top of that, he is unfamiliar with (and probably quite skeptical of) the Tarot.

But to my utter shock, the spread was scarily accurate. It spoke to his hard-working nature, and his habit of taking on too much to escape other aspects of his life, such as the emotional side. It mentioned a very quickly approaching opportunity, which he then confirmed by telling me about an internship. And the cards foretold that he would find community within his religion, and his internship is working with a church.

More and more, I am blown away by the Tarot's ability to pinpoint exact situations and feelings. If I didn't know any better, I would say that this goes beyond my intuition and reflection and well into the realm of impossible.

On a more personal note, I am quickly finding confidence in my intuition. It is as if things just click together in my head like a puzzle, and then the cards make complete sense. The Celtic Cross spread took a lot of time to read, but once I had all the notes in front of me, I could see an entire narrative playing out. I hope that means that I am going to become a great Tarot reader.

- Erebella

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