Sunday, October 16, 2016

Daily Reading: King of Pentacles + Beginner's Thoughts

I woke up feeling excited for another day to journey into the study of Tarot. It has been a process which has left me confused about my stance on the world as a whole. Am I spiritual now? A believer? Or do my thoughts tend to stay more scientifically-based? I am so unsure of everything right now. But there are a few certainties:

1. Tarot has been good for me thus far, and I feel like it will continue to be good for me. I have given myself a few different readings; two daily draws with simple one-card spreads, one weekly reading in the form of a three-card spread, and one reading which is similar except centered around my best friend and our relationship. Throughout these readings, a few lessons have become very clear to me:

- I need to spend more time focusing on positive energies and dispelling negative ones. I am too caught up in my head and anxiety is clouding my abilities for self-expression and self-love. I need to focus on finding moments of inner peace.

- I was recently in a period of deep self-doubt and pain, but I am past the worst part. In new endeavors (potentially such as Tarot), I will find creativity and prosperity.

- I need to focus on my friendships more. Rather than closing myself off from my friendship due to us growing in different directions, I can foster a friendship in which we learn from each other.

I must admit - I am hesitant to do readings based on my relationship. We are relatively happy and the relationship is lovely, but a bad draw could cause me undue stress which would only serve as a self-fulfilling prophecy. However, the more I draw, the more I begin to realize that the cards are ultimately what you make of them. Even if I were to draw seemingly bad cards, that could only be speaking to a problem which, once I make an effort to solve, will help to strengthen my relationship. I may try this later today and see what happens.

2. I missed academic study. I recently left school due to mental health problems, and being unproductive has felt like a horrible spiral that I can't quite break. But ever since I began studying Tarot, I finally feel almost at home. Keeping my brain active in two different ways - both the logical and the creative - has been a necessary step forward towards health.

3. Tarot, and as I am starting to explore, other "mystical" things make me happy. I recently decided that I want to get into crystals, and I will definitely be buying an incense burner for some aromatherapy and smudging to cleanse my home and soul soon. I feel happier and healthier by the day, and if this keeps up, I will be a devout Wiccan in no time! (Maybe not, but honestly, everything feels like it's on an upward slope for the first time in months!)


My daily draw gave me the King of Pentacles. A few thoughts jumped to my head immediately - first, that I have been drawing pentacles left and right. In my first daily draw, I got the page. In the spread about my friendship, I got the eight and the seven right after the other. Clearly, my energies are hyper-focused on success and material. This makes sense, as I have spent the past few months worrying endlessly about finding a job or figuring out a path back to school or both.

Another strange observance: the Tarot has been wildly accurate as well as complimentary. I haven't gotten contradicting reads. It all adds up to a few points to remember: find peace, stop worrying, move forward.

The King of Pentacles is a sign of hard work turning into success. He is the master of his craft, and he has grown wise from his time working with himself and within the world. Clearly, I am not the King of Pentacles. My journey in Tarot is new and fresh, so I must read this card as advice to seek out community and elders who can inspire and educate me along the way. This is compounded by the fact that I was already beginning my search this morning before my draw.

I have since joined a few Facebook groups and have gotten second-opinion readings on my personal three-card spread. They seem to be complimentary of my reading skills, which is a fantastic thing to hear for someone who was so unsure of her talents and intimidated by those who have so much more pronounced gifts than myself.

I am led to believe by the Tarot that in my search for wisdom from those well-seasoned Tarot readers, I will find success and reward for the hard work I will put into this craft.

Until next time!
- Erebella

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